“One afternoon when I collected my husband from the Cedar Club, I was asked if he played the piano as they would like someone to play “Happy birthday “. I said I would see how he felt about it at home. I gave him his mandolin and he played it straight away! At home now he frequently picks it up and strums a few tunes. Thank you Cedar Club for bringing back this pleasure to him.”

Mrs J.P (carer)

“I look forward to each week. We’re well looked after and we do different activities”             

Miss P.C (member)

“I admire the imagination and the planning of the Day centre Gywne the leader and Ellen. The people are really interesting and proactive. I enjoy the music and the museum box and the art. I am a helper and happy to know when it comes to my turn, it will be a good place to know.”

Mrs B.M (volunteer)